August 1994 Newsletter (5754:10)

The Value of Prayer
August 1, 1994
Topics: temptation
Author: Moishe Rosen

Are things going easy for you in your life as a believer in Jesus? If they are too easy, you might be headed downhill. In the journey of faith, there is no such thing as “front sliding!” Easy coasting will only move you backward because moving forward takes effort....

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The Only Real Failure Is Not Trying
Author: Glenn Harris

We Jews for Jesus have found that a bold witness will reap results. We always look forward to street evangelism with great expectation. We expect to be exhausted. We expect blistered feet and sore muscles. We expect some rejection and unpleasantness and the testing of...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

Question: Why do most Jewish people not believe in Jesus? It would seem that the evidence in Scripture is so compelling that the Jewish people, the People of the Book, would see it. Answer: Most or many Jewish people have not read the Bible carefully or studied the...

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From Darkness To Light

Devora* knew only Jewish life. She came from generations of Jewish rabbinical leaders. Devora’s parents were very committed to the conservative-traditional Jewish practices of their parents, and they raised her in a regimented Jewish experience. Devora grew up in...

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