During our travels in Florida, I received a message from San Francisco to call Frank in Fort Myers. After several attempts I reached him, and he told me about his Jewish friend Rachel. She was to begin treatment for a malignant brain tumor, and the doctors had given her only a short time to live. He went on to explain that he had tried to share his faith with her, but she had seemed distant and not interested.

Frank had heard a Jews for Jesus speaker at his church, and he thought that we might be able to reach Rachel with the gospel. He said that he really cared about her, as he had known the family for many years. He gave me Rachel’s address and telephone number, and I told him that I would call her to see if she would be willing to meet with me when I came to Fort Myers.

When I called Rachel, she told me that she was from Chile and had not been a very religious person. Her life had been good, she was happy and had children of whom she was proud. She didn’t understand why things were going wrong for her and didn’t know what to do about it. She was just beginning radiation and chemotherapy treatment and was not up to seeing anyone.

I asked if she would like to read some Bible verses about the Messiah, and if she was open to receiving some materials that would help her in reading the Bible. Rachel said that it was very hard for her to read, as she was unable to concentrate or to see clearly, a side effect of the medication she was taking. I asked if I could pray for her right then. She was open to this suggestion, and I asked God to heal her, to take her fears away, and to show her that Jesus is our Messiah. She was very moved and thanked me for my prayer and said she would like to hear from me again.

I called Frank again, explained Rachel’s problem with reading and asked if he could get a Bible on cassette to lend her. He said that he just happened to have one at home that was not being used, and that he would take it over to Rachel that same day.

When I next talked to Rachel, she was very glad to have the Bible tapes, but had not started to listen to them yet. I encouraged her to listen and to pray for God to reveal the truth of his Word to her. I prayed with her and told her that I would continue to keep in touch with her.

My wife Diane and I began asking all the Christians with whom we came in contact to pray for Rachel—not only for her health, but that she would come to know God through all her trials. Rachel’s health gradually became worse. When we came to a town near Fort Myers I invited her to our Christ in the Passover” presentation. She said that she didn’t think she could come because she was getting so weak, but we continued to pray that God would give her the strength and the desire to come to that meeting. On Wednesday night she and her husband came and sat in a back pew and saw God’s plan of redemption through the Jewish Passover.

After several weeks, Rachel began to improve, and one day she told me that she didn’t understand these American doctors. “First they tell me that I have only a few months to live, and now they say they can’t find the tumor!” she said.

I told Rachel that God can do things that even the best of doctors cannot understand. She has continued to heal, and is beginning to see God’s hand in all of this. Please pray that Rachel will soon come to full knowledge and understanding of our truly great God and accept Yeshua as her personal Messiah.


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