Gospel hope shines in assisted care homes

Gospel hope shines in assisted care homes

Jesus loved and served people whom others had forgotten or marginalized. He calls us to do the same, and there are many ways to answer that call. Here is one example:

Cyril Gordon, from our Jews for Jesus Los Angeles branch, reports: “The Lord has laid it on my heart to reach out to Jewish people in nursing homes in the Los Angeles area. Many have lost most of their family and friends and hardly ever get visits. I love to see their faces light up when they see me. Praise the Lord! Sarah put her faith in the Lord Jesus for her salvation during my second visit with her. She’s the only Jewish person in her elder care facility and is bedridden following several heart attacks. She enjoys it when I bring my dog Mootles with me. Please pray for Sarah’s spiritual growth as I continue to meet and read the Bible with her.

“A Jewish man named Jerry also professed faith in the Lord Jesus for his salvation on my first meeting with him. His father was Jewish, and his mother was Catholic. Jerry had heard the gospel but had never been born again according to the Book of John. He’s been a tormented soul, and the care home director was very excited that I offered to reach out to him. Please pray for Jerry’s spiritual growth and transformation as I continue to study the Bible and pray with him. I believe the Lord sent me to visit him to bring him God’s message of hope and healing at this trying time in his life.

Names of many people our staff meet are changed to protect privacy.


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