Please pray for:

• More and more Christians to care enough for Jewish people to share the gospel even when it is not considered politically correct.
• Salvation for David, the Israeli Holocaust survivor Oded ministers to in Israel, as well as Avner; also for Chaim, Lisa and Daniel who’ve attended our Chicago Shabbat dinners.
• Grace and strength for new Jewish believers Gabi in Florida (whom Shoshannah led to the Lord by phone from Florida); Micah, whom Tzachi led to the Lord in Israel and Josette, whom Chantale led to the Lord in Paris.
• God’s special blessing over our entire Paris branch, especially as plans are in progress for Chantale to lead our witnessing campaign there this June.
• Continued fruit and good follow up from our live chats on the Internet, and that more and more staff will become adept at this.
• God’s grace and purposes fulfilled in the lives of the next generation of Jews for Jesus.