Christ in the Passover

Christ in the Passover: 3 reasons why it’s so important to us, and we hope, to you!

All our missionaries are touring the country this month, presenting “Christ in the Passover.” It’s not that we love being away from home but we do love to:

1. Bring the gospel to Jewish people we would not otherwise get to meet.

You might be surprised at who will show up at your church when Jews for Jesus come to minister. Some may even receive the Lord during or immediately following our presentation, but quite often, as with Rob Wertheim and Lucy (see Bits from the Branches) it will take more time to lead them to faith, and a team effort for follow up.

Here is a note Rob received from the local believer Rob asked Lucy to call:

Hi Rob,

I hope and pray you and your family are well. I met Lucy at my church this morning and we had a great worship experience. I introduced her to my woman’s Bible study leader and … I gave her a tour and showed her where the group meets. She felt comfortable enough to fill out a welcome card, so the church will contact her with any questions she may have. She plans on attending the Bible study on Wednesday morning and our great God really has great plans as we just started the study “The Sacred Echo” by Margaret Feinberg (yes a Christian raised Jewish!) Looking forward to more time with Lucy and this awesome group of women.

Many Blessings today,

In Him,

(Dawn had originally contacted Rob to witness to her Jewish husband at the suggestion of her pastor, who is familiar with our ministry. Now Dawn’s husband is a believer and the two of them can encourage Lucy!)


2. Build up and encourage brothers and sisters in local churches

The presentation itself does that by explaining what Passover meant to Jesus and how He used it to point to Himself. Pastors schedule Christ in the Passover knowing that it will inspire their congregation and make communion more meaningful than ever. But what many don’t realize is that in addition to that, our missionaries come ready to care and pray for the people they will meet before and after the presentation.

Dinah Sered (wife of our Israel Director, Dan Sered) accompanied her husband on his last U.S. speaking tour and recently received this encouraging note:

Hi Dinah, I wanted to write and give you an update. When Dan spoke at our church there was a young man who was particularly impacted by his message. The way the gospel was presented that day, it seemed to finally make sense to him and he responded in faith. And after some teaching, he was baptized this past Sunday. We had seven baptisms. It is wonderful how God works in people’s lives to bring them to Himself.

My daughter, that you and I were praying for, said the Lord changed her heart. After the baptisms, she had a talk with the pastor. It seems that she either came to know the Lord, or came to the point in her faith that she knows she’s a Christian, with assurance. She seemed so relieved, and full of peace and joy! The Lord has been gracious and merciful to us. I realize I need to continue to pray, as this is only a new beginning. Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement, and for even suggesting specifically how to pray!



3. Connect with like-minded Christians who can share our passion to pray, give and witness so that more Jewish people – and others – will be saved!

Most churches schedule our speakers on a love-offering basis, and there is always an opportunity for people to give financially as well as to connect with us through our free print and online newsletters. Please pray that this month we will meet new friends who can help us meet the challenges of bringing the gospel to Jewish people worldwide!

Find out if there is a Christ in the Passover presentation in your area.


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