Mikhail Vayshengolts gives a good example of how things are not always what they seem, and why it pays to persist: When I phoned Vladimir and offered to visit, he refused, saying that he was an atheist and didn’t see how he would benefit from such a meeting. I replied, ‘May I show you a point of view which you don’t know and have never heard of?’ This made him curious and he agreed to meet! When I visited him, Vladimir said very little about his supposed atheism; in fact, he had more good questions than most of my contacts!”

Also from Mikhail, “A 50-year-old Jewish man, Mikhail, gave us his contact info during a sortie. When I visited him in 2005, he silently took the literature I offered and would not talk to me even for a second! I didn’t consider him an active contact, but decided to touch base with him again recently. I found out that he’d taken the literature very seriously and has been a believer since 2006! He regularly attends church and asked me to pray for his small business, which is struggling.”

When Svetlana Kotlomina calls on someone in an apartment complex, she usually asks if there are other Jewish people in the building that she should visit. That’s how she happened to drop in on Nina and Petr. Svetlana reports: “When I explained who I was, Petr invited me in. As he and his wife asked questions and listed intently to the Good News, I saw that God had prepared their hearts. Petr, who had been a Communist his whole life, asked, ‘Does He [God] know me? Will He listen to me? How and with what words can I turn to God so that He would save the life of this wonderful woman (Nina)?’ In a week, as we had agreed, I brought them a Bible in large print, as a gift from Jews for Jesus, and Moishe Rosen’s book, Yeshua. Petr turned over the pages of the Bible, then clasped it hard to his breast with both arms and said, ‘Now we will study it!’ Please pray for healing for Nina and salvation for this couple.”


Yarden Nasser writes: “Faina, a Jewish Russian woman, is about 75 years old. We met her as we were phoning people as part of the Behold Your God Jezreel Valley campaign. Maxim and I then followed up with a visit to her. She listened carefully to the gospel and agreed to see us again. We gave her a large print Russian Bible to read.

“On the second visit I read with her the book of Romans about sin and salvation through Jesus Christ. She agreed to pray together, and she invited the Lord Jesus into her life. When I met with her again, she had already read the first three chapters from the Gospel of John and began telling me about Nicodemus. She was happy to see me and to read the Bible together and pray. Please pray for Faina, for her growth in faith in understanding the principles of being a believer in Yeshua, and that she could connect with a local church. Praise the Lord!”

Las Vegas by Way of Los Angeles

Tuvya Zaretsky has encouraging news about people we met several years ago: “We received William’s contact information during the 2005 Behold Your God Las Vegas campaign. We sent him our Yeshua book by Moishe Rosen. Then he attended one of our “Christ in the Passover” presentations last spring, and filled out a card requesting more information, which was also sent. I recently called to see how he was doing and whether he wanted to discuss the information we’d sent on the phone. I reached his wife Diane on the phone, as he was at work. Diane, who it turns out is a Christian, told me that she’d attended a Christian conference in California in November and brought back some of the messages for William to hear. He listened to them and finally said that he was ready to believe. Diane prayed with him and he came to faith!”