Passover Praises

It is too early to report on this year’s Passover tours, though if you have e-mail, we are able to give more up-to-the-minute reports through our Real Time e-letter.

However, we can tell you some of the things that happened last year, to inspire you to pray for the gospel seed that has been sown through this year’s tours. Also, we need your prayers for the Passover banquets that will be taking place in our branches around the world later this month.

Richard Muller of our Toronto staff reported, “The most exciting part of my ‘Christ in the Passover’ tour in Winnipeg was meeting a young Israeli by the name of Amichai (Ami for short). Ami had been living in Winnipeg for five-and-ahalf years. He came to my second ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentation having already been to some college and career meetings with a Christian friend from work. After the presentation Ami asked me what exactly I meant by ‘redeemed’ and we had a good discussion. A few days later I called him and we agreed to meet. At that meeting, I discussed the gospel with him and dealt with some of his objections. I also suggested he start reading the Bible and discover the miraculous history of our Jewish people and God’s dealings with them. I had to leave town for a few days and when I returned I called him again—he had bought a Bible and was ready to meet. Once more we had a productive conversation. I met with him once more on my last evening in Winnipeg. He was not yet ready to receive Jesus, but was earnestly looking for answers. Since returning to Toronto I have continued to stay in contact with Ami by phone. We usually talk a couple of times a month, reading Scriptures together and praying. I believe that Ami has an intellectual understanding of who Jesus is; please pray that he will have a heart response to our Messiah Yeshua. (Jesus).”

Lyn Bond of our Chicago staff reported, “I was still unable to work due to the injuries sustained when I was hit by a car two years ago, but was glad for the chance to come to San Francisco to be with family while my husband Alan was on his speaking tour. I was not surprised when Dad (Dad is Moishe Rosen for those who may not know) asked me to go with him as he was presenting ‘Christ in the Passover’ at West Gate Church in San Jose on Good Friday.

“Instead of being slowed down by the expected Friday evening traffic, we arrived more than an hour early! We had been there for a few minutes when an attractive woman popped in and said, ‘My name is Laurette, and I’m Jewish.’ She’d been invited by a friend who had received a flyer in the mail announcing that the founder of Jews for Jesus would be speaking in a church in San Jose.

“She held the flyer as though it were a ticket of admission. Dad greeted her, then brought her over to me as he was about to talk to the pastor and pray with the church leadership. Laurette was enthusiastic as she asked a number of good questions. We had a lively discussion until her husband Ron (a devout Catholic) pointed out that the service was beginning. I sat in the first row (the better to smile at my father) and they sat towards the back.

“After the presentation Laurette approached me, checkbook in hand, wanting to make a donation to Jews for Jesus. I explained to her that we are supported by believers, and I made her comfortable with that fact. I continued and told her that rather than taking something from her at this point we hoped she would receive the free gift of salvation that Jesus offers. I told her I wanted to pray with her. If she was not in agreement with what I said, I would not be offended, but if she was, she should say, ‘Amen’ when I was finished. As I prayed, I thanked God that Jesus is the Savior and the Messiah and that He died and rose from the dead as the only way that we could be saved from sin. I thanked Jesus for suffering for us and for the forgiveness we can claim because of Him. When I finished praying she said, ‘Amen,’ and I said, ‘Do you know what that means?’

“She said, ‘Yes, it means that I believe. It means that I’m born again. Now can I write a check?’ I wasn’t sure about that, but Dad nodded that it was okay. Then he inscribed a book, Christ in the Passover, that he and my mother had written, and gave it to Laurette as a gift.

“I’m writing this so that you’ll know that there are Jewish people out there who are looking for the Lord, and will use the occasion of a church meeting to come and listen and pray. We are thankful to the church for having us, and thankful for the Christian friend who opened our newsletter and passed on the flyer to Laurette. Please pray that she will continue to grow in the Lord.”

Karol Joseph, of our New York staff, reported on last year’s Passover banquet:

“A young Jewish woman, Lisa, called our office and talked with Anna Marie. Anna Marie encouraged her to come to our Passover banquet. She came, and we sat together. Lisa had been thinking about Jesus for about a year. It became clear that although she identified herself as a seeker, she believed the gospel. When I asked her if she wanted to pray with me to receive God’s forgiveness and begin a new life in Jesus, she was very excited…and then did! Afterwards, she thanked and thanked me.

“At the end of the seder Josh Sofaer gave an invitation and another Jewish woman, Brenda, raised her hand. I went to talk with her afterwards and she confirmed that she really did believe and really did want to start a new life in Jesus. She had a lot of questions and was eager to meet again.

“I tried to stay in touch with both women after the Passover banquet. Brenda was eager to meet for a while, but did not seem to grow in the Lord. When I contacted her a few months ago, she no longer believed and was not interested in meeting. Lisa has continued to walk with the Lord. A young physician, she has recently enlisted in the army. By the time you receive this she will be at a base not far from our Washington, D.C. branch. She is looking forward to connecting with our staff there.”


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