April 2001 Newsletter (5761:8)

The Narrow Gate
April 1, 2001

Many churches will move Sunday morning services out of their sanctuaries and into nearby auditoriums and even sports stadiums. Others will add extra services to accommodate an enormous increase in attendance. But only for one day. Easter Sunday. Many who would not...

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The BYG Pic
Topics: resurrection

Thanks to all who prayed for our Millennial Convocation, which took place in December. One grand scale answer to your prayers was God’s provision of visas. In fact, we were told there was no way the government would grant visas to our staff from the CIS. After...

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Resurrection Reflections
Author: Moishe Rosen

If you want to worship a dead Jew, that’s up to you. The man’s glib remark passed without malice, indeed, without thought. I couldn’t blame him—a reasonable, Jewish man—because he didn’t know what I know: it’s true that Jesus is a Jew,...

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O Lamb of God, I Come

The Passover/Easter season is the perfect time to reflect on God’s redemptive plans. The Bible first introduces us to God as the Creator (Genesis 1-11), then we learn that God is the covenant Maker (Genesis 12 ff.). In the book of Exodus we meet God the...

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New Trainees, 2001

Meet Amy Etinger Both my parents are Canadian Jews. My mother was raised in an Orthodox home, while my father was raised in a not-so-Orthodox one. They met and married at an early age. My mother always sensed that life was more than avoiding pork and observing the...

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Bits from the Branches

Sergei Koulakov reports from Dnepropetrovsk, Ludmila is a Jewish woman who called our office wanting to know more about Jesus. She received the gospel on our very first visit. I have been amazed by her rapid spiritual growth. She attends church services, testifies,...

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