Why Project Joshua? We wanted a vehicle to train Jewish Christian college students in evangelism, get them excited about their roots and acquaint them with the land and the people of Israel. Project Joshua enables us to select fifteen bright and highly motivated Jewish Christian college students to do just that.

Our two week program includes lectures on campus ministry as well basic training for the outreach students will do in Israel. Language is not really a barrier since most Israelis speak some English and our students are equipped with gospel tracts and New Testaments in Hebrew. Students evangelize through tract distribution and one on one conversations on the streets of Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. We also provide instruction in biblical and historical geography by exploring the Land, following the military campaigns recorded in the Book of Joshua. Finally, we provide a cross-cultural experience in fellowship by introducing Project Joshua participants to Israeli Christian college students, both Arab and Jewish.

A recent participant in the program wrote, The adventure called Project Joshua has directly and profoundly brought me closer to the God of Israel. This trip has also freshly ignited my love for my Jewish people and has opened afresh my desire to see them worship God in Yeshua. I loved the food, fellowship, study times, prayer, late night discussions, and overflowing laughter just to name a few. I have been indescribably blessed and changed through Project Joshua! ”

This year’s Project Joshua crew distributed 9,000 broadsides and received names, addresses and phone numbers of over 60 Israelis who wanted further information about Jesus. Please pray for Efraim Goldstein as he follows-up with these individuals, that he finds hearts and minds that are willing to receive gospel truth.