If you are recently acquainted with Jews for Jesus through a presentation at your church, maybe this is your very first copy of our newsletter. If so, welcome, welcome! And thank you for filling out that involvement card when our missionary came to your church. You don’t know how much you’ve already encouraged us, simply by your willingness to hear more.

Maybe you always had a heart for Jewish evangelism and were excited by the prospect of hearing from missionaries who are on the cutting edge. But even if you don’t know many Jewish people and haven’t thought much about the need for Jewish evangelism, know that you are not alone.

Maybe you don’t know why more Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus, and maybe you wonder why witnessing to Jewish people should be any different from witnessing to anyone else. Maybe you even filled in that card to be polite or because you wanted to show appreciation for the Christ in the Passover” presentation. Listen, we don’t expect you to set aside everything else to make the cause of Christ among the Jews your main concern! We have done that and are looking for a few more people who can share our commitment to a lesser measure. We’re delighted that you have given us this opportunity to share the vision, challenges, burdens and the many victories of Jewish missions.

You are probably already receiving many Christian publications, so we’d like to offer a few tips on how you can get the most from our newsletter.

  • If you are a “scanner,” you might like to begin by turning to page 8, where you’ll find “Bits from the Branches.” These short bits will give you a smattering of news from the scattering of Jews for Jesus. Then open the newsletter and look for a column titled “Prayer Prompters.” If you have a few moments, pray through the list (it’s a short column). Even if you read nothing else in our newsletter, just reading a page and a third will inform you enough to care and pray with us.
  • If you are a “people person,” look for headlines between pages 2 and 7. That’s where you’ll meet our missionaries and hear about some of those to whom we minister.
  • If you have time to reflect, you’ll want to begin at the beginning, with the lead article by our Executive Director. Longtime readers of our newsletter have commented that the wisdom they’ve mined from these articles has enriched them spiritually. Some have even told us that God used one of these articles to mend a specific hurt or broken relationship.
  • If you are a Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader or simply a perpetual student, be on the lookout for charts and other teaching pieces, such as an occasional column titled “We’re Glad You Asked” or “What Do You Say When They Say.…” Occasionally these columns deal with a principle or procedure to help you understand our ministry, but usually they focus on helping you witness to your friends and neighbors.
  • Don’t miss the cartoons! And please feel free to send us your own anecdotes. They might end up in print!

Naturally, we are pleased to hear from friends who read our newsletter cover to cover. But if you don’t feel you have the time to do so, that’s okay. Just read the parts that grab your attention. And thanks again for giving us the opportunity to win your heart to the cause of Christ among the Jewish people. We hope that you’ll be glad you did!


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