April 1993 Newsletter (5753:6)

Go Tell My Brethren
April 1, 1993
Topics: poetry
Author: Moishe Rosen

Before God called me into the ministry I worked for a large cemetery in their pre-need sales department. The cemetery officials always did their best to counteract the grim reality of that place. As much as possible they tried to shield visitors from all suggestion or...

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Why I Believe
Author: Chris Hansen

A friend of mine was worried; he thought I’d lost my head. He came to me one evening, and this is what he said. I know you follow Jesus; your faith is very strong. I think you’ve lost your reason! How could you be so wrong? How can you follow Jesus, when...

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Wanted: CLIMS

(Not clams!—Co-Laborers in Messiah) Being a Co-Laborer in Messiah with Jews for Jesus means having a part with us in a program of bringing the gospel to others and the joy of helping some of them become believers. You can become a Co-Laborer in your area. If you can...

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Serving Jews for Jesus in the Boonies”: Co-Laboring in Outlying Areas”
Author: Leslie Wright

Is it possible for friends in outlying areas to be of service to the Jews for Jesus ministry? Many praying friends of Jews for Jesus who wish they could help in some way may hesitate to volunteer because they live in an area where Jews do not live or where there is...

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A Co-Laborer Blessing in Stockton, California

For many years Jews for Jesus has had branches in the major cities of the United States, and more recently we have extended our outreach to several countries around the globe. This helps us toward our goal of proclaiming the good news of Yeshua throughout the world,...

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Pray for Our Speakers During This Season

Next to our ministry of winning Jewish people to Jesus, our dearest hope is to win the hearts of God’s people to the cause of Jewish evangelism. Deputation is that facet of the Jews for Jesus ministry whereby we bring before the Christian community our burden to...

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Joy in Yennevelt
Author: N. R.

That Sunday night felt like the hundred millionth time I was going to speak at a church on Christ in the Passover. Though the presentation is very meaningful, I had brought it so often during a short period of time that I felt stale and weary of doing it once again....

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We’re Glad You Asked…
Topics: passover

QUESTION: At an ecumenical luncheon I heard the rabbi of a local synagogue condemn your group for misusing Jewish religious symbols and giving them a Christological meaning. He claimed that Jews for Jesus uses Jewish holidays and symbols to convey the illusion that...

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Facts about Passover

Facts about Passover This year (1993) Passover will be celebrated April 5-13. Don’t forget to wish your Jewish friends a Happy Passover! If you are fortunate enough to be invited to a Passover celebration, you may want to brush up on some of the basic...

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