Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As a non-Jewish supporter of your ministry I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter. I just finished reading (an article by Moishe Rosen) and it reminded me of a story I’d like to share with you. It’s about how God can use the strangest topics in order to sow seed!

Two of my classmates (medical students) and I were eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria one day. As usual, complaints about the food were being aired, and one student starting talking about a local restaurant that had great salads” and “all kinds of sauce.” That reminded me of how much I like to go to Arby’s because of the horseradish sauce you get to put on your sandwich. Then I started telling them about the horseradish served at the Passover meal. I explained how each year around Passover time, a Jewish Christian comes to my church and we have the Passover meal as a group. One of my classmates said, “If they’re Christian, then they’re not Jewish.” He was equating being Jewish with being against Christ. Well, that gave me the opportunity to explain that yes, you all are Christians and you are Jewish. I told them that many of the Jewish holidays had symbolism which actually pointed toward Christ’s coming as Savior, and that it was very sad that so many people, Jews especially, did not see that.

It was not an intensive witnessing conversation, but God was there with me as I said those few words. And it all started with horseradish!

D.P., Chattanooga, TN


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