April 1989 Newsletter (5749:6)

Who Is the Adversary?
April 1, 1989
Author: Moishe Rosen

Passover is here again, the time we commemorate Israel’s redemption from Egypt and remember the sorrow that turned to joy. Surely at some point in their enslavement the Hebrews must have tried to resist Pharaoh’s tyranny, yet history makes no mention of it...

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Exodus and Exile

Since the Diaspora, two major events of Jewish history have encouraged and perplexed the Jewish community. Great and simple minds alike have pondered the significance of the Exodus and the problem of the Exile. The Exodus from Egypt is a theme often repeated in Jewish...

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Don’t Forget the Autumn ’89 Israel Trip!

An excellent tour has been arranged at the great price of $1,499 U.S. The dates are November 5-14, with an optional trip to Egypt that would cost an additional $578 to $748 U.S. and bring you back on November 17. For more information, write to: Rev. Lon Solomon c/o...

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