Many of our newer friends are unaware that Jews for Jesus has another nationwide publication besides this Newsletter. It is designed expressly for Jewish people who might be willing to consider the claims of Jesus. Appropriately called ISSUES, it explores contemporary topics in the Jewish community from a messianic perspective. More than 40,000 Jewish people already receive this informative evangelistic bimonthly publication.

How do we receive the names of so many Jewish people? One important source is street and college campuses where we distribute our literature, but most of our subscribers come as a result of Gentile Christian friends sending us their names. We would appreciate more of this kind of help, but there is also another way you can help.

As Passover season arrives, our staff workers will be deployed across the country seeking opportunities to minister to Jewish people during their spring speaking tours in the churches. Why not bring a Jewish friend to one of our Christ in the Passover programs?

If you are on our mailing list, you may have received a special notice that one of our speakers will be in your area. If you did not receive such a notice, just watch the church announcement pages of your local newspaper to find out if one of our representatives will be in your area. If you find that a Christ in the Passover program is available, why not invite a Jewish friend to accompany you? Many would be curious enough to attend, and some would be genuinely interested.

If you do extend such an invitation to a Jewish friend and he or she declines, you might still ask if they would be open to receiving a copy of ISSUES on a trial basis. If they are at all interested in the subject of whether or not Jesus is the Messiah, they probably will accept the offer.

Sometimes a Jewish person might be genuinely interested in one of our programs but have a conflict of schedule. In such a case, let it be known that the speaker may be able to schedule them for a private conversation at a more convenient time. If your friend agrees to this, you might call our San Francisco office or the church where our representative will be speaking and relay the interested person’s name and phone number.

Most important, be in prayer at this time of year as to how God can use you to share the Good News with a Jewish person. Seeing a Christ in the Passover program or receiving ISSUES could be an important step for someone in finding salvation in Yeshua.


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