April 1986 Newsletter (5746:6)

The Holocaust, Forgiveness and Evangelism
April 1, 1986
Topics: passover
Author: Moishe Rosen

The furor of spring 1985 has died down, but the injuries have not healed. President Reagan laid hold of a veritable hornet’s nest last year when he announced his impending visit to a German military cemetery to honor those killed in World War II. Shrill sounds...

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A Broadside Seven Stories Tall

Tract distribution is the very heart of our Jews for Jesus ministry. We reach out to many and expect a few to respond. Not a month goes by in New York City without the distribution of at least 50,000 of our broadsides. Here in the Big Apple the results have been...

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Why Go There?

Each year during the Easter/ Passover season we Jews for Jesus missionaries leave our branches in the major metropolitan areas of the U.S.A. and spend two or three weeks in places less filled with Jewish people. We do this to speak in churches and present Christ in...

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God Calls the Shots
Topics: passover

Can you help me understand why the Jews need to be evangelized if they are God’s chosen people and believe in Yahweh?” The question was rather strange coming from a pastor admittedly committed to the theological position that there is no salvation outside...

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