by Toby Toad (also known as Doris Owens)

Two caterpillars munched on leaves
And spoke of many things;
Cocoons and cabbage, tales of old
That one day they’d have wings.

I like my life on earth, “one said.
“And all the stuff I’ve got.
A worm I am and don’t believe
Such wingly tommyrot!”

So he crawled and munched,
His eyes cast down,
Intent on grassly things
And didn’t see the wonder
When his friend received his wings,
And freed from wormly, clumsy ways,
Found joy and pow’r to fly.

He missed the worth of a brand new birth,
Content to crawl and die.

From Capri Christian Capsule, Naples, Florida, whose editors liked our caterpillar cartoon (Volume 7:5744).