A Decision That Calls for a Choice

Choices, decisions, choices, decisions! Making decisions is one of the most difficult problems of life. The biggest, most important decision that anyone can face is whether or not to follow the Messiah Jesus. Everyone has the option to decide for or against him. We at Jews for Jesus distribute a great deal of literature, both in our branches and as we travel in mobile evangelistic teams. The main purpose of that printed material is to challenge people to consider their choices about accepting or rejecting the gospel message.

One of the tracts that we distribute defines the need for a decision most clearly. It states, …being born in a Christian home doesn’t make you a Christian any more than being born in a bakery makes you a bagel!” That statement is designed to tell the truth in a humorous way. Of course no one is born a Christian. That is a commitment, a decision, that everyone must make.

When we distribute our literature in public places, the necessity for a decision confronts those who walk past us. Actually there are several decisions. First there is the decision of whether or not to take a tract; then there is the decision of whether or not to read it; and finally the decision of whether or not to believe its message.

One day as I was distributing our broadsides, I became especially aware of how passersby were dealing with that initial decision of whether or not to take one of my tracts. I was clearly identified by what I was wearing, so that most people knew immediately that the tracts were about Jesus the Messiah.

Some took them gingerly, while others heartily extended a firm hand. One woman who refused to take one loudly announced her choice. She said that she wouldn’t dare even touch one; she disagreed with everything for which I stood. Many others ignored me along with my tracts. Some stared, and others stopped to talk. Nevertheless, everyone who walked past had to make a decision as to how he or she would respond. Would they or would they not allow themselves to be confronted by the message of the piece of literature that I offered them?

Some seemed to choose out of fear or embarrassment, and others seemed to choose out of guilt or politeness; still others probably chose out of ignorance. A few made no real choice at all, because while they debated about how to decide, they let the opportunity slip past them by default. It’s sad when people make decisions without knowledge or by default, especially when the issue is as important as the truth about the Messiah. As Jews for Jesus, we challenge people to think for themselves and to search the Scriptures, so that they can make an intelligent decision about God’s Messiah.

That’s what tract distribution is all about. God has given everyone the free will to choose for or against him. None of us at Jews for Jesus would ever try to force anyone to take a tract or to believe in the Messiah of Israel. Nevertheless, we do want everyone to know that they have the option to believe or not to believe. We’re there to tell them that God has set a choice before every living person, and that it’s up to the individual to look clearly at the options and to decide.

In the words of the Lord spoken through Moses, “…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live, That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him; for he is thy life…” (Deut. 30:19-20).

Jesus the Messiah offers eternal life. The choice of whether or not to accept it confronts everyone. The decision must be made.


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