Zach writes: “As some of us were walking by the local Orthodox Jewish religious center, a guy loudly accused us of ‘converting’ his fellow Israelis. We stopped for a friendly chat with Daniel, which took him by surprise as we were nothing like the dangerous people he’d been warned about.

“We were open with Daniel about our belief that Yeshua (Jesus) is Messiah, and I added that I believed this because it could be found in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible). Daniel retorted that he didn't believe me, to which I responded, ‘If I go get a Tanakh and Brit Hadasha [New Testament], will you look at it with me?’ He agreed to this, so I ran to grab a Tanakh. We proceeded to look through Messianic prophecies and New Testament passages showing how Yeshua fulfilled them. Two and a half hours later, it was past midnight and Daniel had to say goodnight. We exchanged contact info and Daniel said that he would love to keep looking at the texts and debating this issue. Pray for Daniel’s heart and mind to open to the truth about Jesus, and what that means for him.”

Evan writes: “I was getting lunch at a local cafe and noticed two older Israeli women perusing the menu. After they ordered, I offered to take the menu back up to the front for them. They noticed my Hebrew tattoo and asked if I was Israeli and if I spoke Hebrew. I answered that I wasn’t Israeli, but I did speak a little bit of Hebrew. We then chatted for an hour and a half, during which time I explained that I was on a trip called Massah and we were all believers in Jesus. We continued to talk about what it meant to be made in the image of God, and I gave them my perspective as a believer in Yeshua. We also discussed the wonder of God’s creation and our shared interest in travel to see the beauty He has made.”

Asher writes: “I met Dvora in a macramé class. We started to chat as I made a bracelet for my sister. Dvora asked why I was there and I said I was a traveler with a group of Messianics. I returned the question and she answered, ‘Because this is a spiritual place where I can experience first-hand spiritual things.’ I asked if she had read any good spiritual books and she said, ‘Oh, of course,’ and began listing them. So I asked, ‘What about the Brit Hadasha?’ She paused and said, ‘No, what is that about?’ I told her that it’s all about Yeshua and is very spiritual. I invited her to come to our Bible study and get her own copy of the Brit Hadasha. She seemed excited about that. Please pray for Dvora.”