In Loving Memory of Maxim Ammosov

Maxim served with Jews for Jesus for 25 years, leading our Moscow branch for approximately 20 of those years. Avi Snyder, who pioneered and oversaw our work throughout Russia and Ukraine says, “Maxim’s dedication to the Lord and to bringing the gospel to Jewish people touched his colleagues’ hearts as much as it touched the people he loved to reach. Care, dedication, confidence in the Lord, and joy are the words that come to me when I think of Maxim.”

Dan Sered, one of our co-chief operating officers, describes Maxim similarly. We wanted to share an excerpt from Dan’s reflections on Maxim, originally addressed to our entire staff.

“Maxim loved to worship the Lord. At every staff gathering that I attended with our teams from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, Maxim was always leading worship with his guitar and BIG smile.

“Maxim also served faithfully in his local church as an ordained minister. His pastor needed to leave when the war broke out, and Maxim, together with others in the church, took the mantle and shepherded the flock. Maxim also served on the Jews for Jesus staff spiritual care team and took it upon himself to reach out to our staff in Ukraine, giving extra spiritual support to them in the midst of the war. This was all in addition to leading the Moscow branch, conducting regular Bible studies, preaching, and continuing to disciple Jewish people individually.

“The amount and caliber of ministry that Maxim did was exceptional. He brought so much wisdom and care to our ministry. I will miss my brother and friend. May his memory be blessed!”


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