Valery Bolotov, from our team of Russian-speaking evangelists in Israel, says,

“When we started our Hebrew-learning club we asked the Almighty to send us people who were prepared to hear His gospel. We are glad to provide the very real service of helping new immigrants learn Hebrew, but we never forget our main goal in Jews for Jesus: to bring the gospel to our people. God has answered our prayers, as many who attend the club are interested in spiritual matters and willing to hear about Jesus.

“Shortly before the Feast of Hanukkah, Slavic joined the club. He listened attentively during the first class, and during the second one he asked, ‘So who is the organizer of this club?’ He was highly surprised to find that it was Jews for Jesus. It turned out that he had heard about us on several occasions before he moved to Israel. Not only that, but when he came to reside permanently in Israel, a group called “Christians for Israel” helped him. So when he discovered that he was learning Hebrew from Jews for Jesus, he considered it divine providence, and wanted to know more about our faith. Praise God! Please pray for Slavic.

“Margarita, who also attends our Hebrew classes, recently asked where Messianic Jews usually meet so that she can come and learn more about Jesus Christ.”

Please pray that these and other students will not only learn the language of their home country, but will wholeheartedly receive Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel and rightful ruler of all.


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