Brother betrayed by brother—then this happened!

Brother betrayed by brother—then this happened!

Igal Vender* reports, “22-year-old Or requested a New Testament from our website a month ago. Three weeks after mailing a copy to him, I called to check whether he had received it. He said he had not, but he still really wanted to read the New Testament. I took the opportunity to hand-deliver the book to him.

“When we met, Or explained that his mother was a believer, but that his parents divorced when he was very young. He has a sister and six brothers (two of whom are already believers). Or was never interested in religion in general or their faith in particular, but said that in recent days his interest has been awakened.

“When I asked Or how he became interested in Jesus, Or explained that he is a songwriter and one of his brothers is a singer. (Their father is a well-known musician.) Or explained that his brother took advantage of him by recording a song Or had written. The brother made a fortune from the song, but Or did not receive a penny. Or began to question why life was like this, and why his own brother would treat him this way. As he pondered these questions, Or began to think about Jesus and to watch videos about Him on the internet.

“I asked Or what he was expecting of Jesus. He replied that, first and foremost, he wanted inner peace. He wanted someone who would never ever lie to him, but always be a faithful friend. I shared my own testimony with him and we read together from the Gospel of John. I told him that only through Jesus can we have peace with God the Father. I prayed with him and, as we ended our first meeting together, he said he would like to stay in touch.

“We stayed in touch by phone and WhatsApp. I prayed for Or and asked others to do the same. Then I brought him to a local congregation, where we attended a two-hour service together and stayed for three hours of fellowship. There he met other believers in Yeshua, including many guys his own age. On the way home, he told me he had felt God’s presence that day. He was amazed by the love evident among the people he met. He had never witnessed or felt this love anywhere else—not in the synagogues he had been to—nowhere.

“I told Or that only on the merit of Jesus’ redemptive sacrifice for our sins can we have new life. Jesus is our Messiah and Savior, and through Him we are brothers and sisters in the faith. I shared some words that Jesus said: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you have love one for another” (John 13:35). Or then turned to me and told me how much he wanted to be a follower of Jesus. I asked him if he wanted to accept Yeshua as his Savior and Lord, and he did. We prayed together for Or to begin a new life with Jesus. Please pray for Or as I help him find a local congregation, where he can grow in his newfound faith.”

* Igal is a missionary with Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus team in Israel.



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