San Francisco branch leader David Randle reports, “Last month one of our Shabbat dinners drew twenty-five people, thirteen of whom are Jewish and don’t yet believe in Jesus. Of those thirteen people, five were Israelis.

alt“After dinner, I visited with several of our guests. Noah, though not a religious person, was recently inspired to begin reading the Bible. A week after the Shabbat dinner, we got together for coffee and a two-and-a-half-hour talk about his studies and the gospel. Noah is truly searching. Please be praying that God will be with Noah on his spiritual journey and as he continues to visit with me and frequent our events.

“A couple from our neighborhood, Tal and Miri, brought their young daughter. My wife Arielle and I were so happy as we have been looking for a playmate for our daughter, Yael. So the next weekend we all got together, and as our girls played, Arielle and I got to know Tal and Miri. They know what we believe, but I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks as we spend more time together, we will have more opportunities to talk further.

“Another woman, Shira, attended the dinner with her husband. Arielle and our colleague Steph met Shira in the neighborhood one afternoon. Shira is genuinely seeking Jewish community, but is hesitant about religion based on her experiences with religious communities. She and her husband were a little cautious when they first arrived at the dinner, but when we sat down to eat, they quickly settled in comfortably. Shira and her husband have continued to come to our Shabbat dinners, and each time we meet, they are more curious about who we are.

“It is exciting to see a small community of Jewish believers and unbelievers starting to grow over these Shabbat dinners. Please pray for those who don’t yet know Yeshua to find the true peace and rest that He offers.”

Names are changed to protect privacy.