While we explore new and effective ways to reach people with the good news, we know that often the Holy Spirit still uses the tried-and-true methods. Take our bold Jews for Jesus T-shirts, for example.

From Budapest, Ildiko Hadju reports, “Every Tuesday, sisters and brothers from different churches join as a team to share the gospel in the park. I like to participate, and I always represent Jews for Jesus by wearing our T-shirt.

“Recently twelve of us went out to spread the good news; my partner was the pastor of a church who also happened to be Jewish. The park was full of young guys drinking beer as they sat and talked to one another on the grass. Others sat alone, reading or waiting to meet friends.

“The Jewish pastor and I greeted a man who sat reading a book. He seemed a bit scared when we went over to him, and we realized that he didn’t speak Hungarian and didn’t understand what we wanted. Slowly he stood up, read my T-shirt and began to smile. ‘Oh, are you Jewish?’ he asked. ‘Yes, I am,’ I replied. ‘How about you?’ Michael* explained that his mother was Jewish and that he was from Ukraine.

“We shared the gospel with Michael. After a while he was ready to receive Jesus into his heart. He gave me his name and phone number and the next day I called and prayed for him. His first language is Russian, so we will bring in one of our Russian-speaking colleagues to help. Please pray for Michael, that he will grow in his faith and in his understanding of what Jesus did for him, and that we’ll have opportunity to meet and talk to him further.”

Ildiko (left)

*Name changed to protect privacy