God takes two ordinary things and puts them together in miraculous ways to communicate to His people. So it was when He called appeared to Moses from the Burning Bush. A bush is common, and fire is common . . . but the Burning Bush we read about in Exodus 3 is anything but!

No one knows what that marvelous sight actually looked like, but artist Shelley Skoropinski has fired our imaginations with her colorful interpretation of Moses’ remarkable encounter with God. We used her rendering as the cover of a Scripture-based “Names of God” coloring book, but we liked it so much that we’ve also made it into a postcard.

Postcards are part of the Jews for Jesus DNA: we use them to thank friends for their donations to Jews for Jesus. Giving is one way that you can receive an original postcard from Jews for Jesus, but just for fun we thought we’d make this one available to you to print for yourself or a friend. Enjoy!