Many churches around the world find Christmas to be a good time for outreach. But in Israel? Not so much. Yet Christmas does interest many Israelis, at least from a cultural standpoint, because of all the festive Christmas traditions they’ve never experienced. So Adel Ben David, who is on our Israel team, decided to try something new. She invited moms from her daughter’s kindergarten class to bring their children to the Moishe Rosen Center to make Christmas cookies.

This being the first event of its kind at our center, no one was quite sure what to expect. Adel explains, “At first I had no idea how many would come; but by the end I was happy I had made so much dough. Fourteen Jewish people plus an Arab family—none of whom know Yeshua (Jesus)—showed up. They came to make cookies, drink hot chocolate, and experience something different.”

“They were curious,” reports Adel’s husband, Yoel, “about the building and about how Adel and I were into Christmas. It was really easy to share our personal story and explain the true meaning of Christmas.”

Adel adds, “It was exciting to start up conversations about God with every single parent who came. I see most of the ladies every day as I make my regular runs to and from the kindergarten, so I hope we’ll be able to continue the conversations we had. In the last few weeks, each mom has told me how grateful she was for the event. I think this is something I should definitely continue as I develop relationships with these and hopefully other moms.”

Please pray for God to bless the people who came to this event and give them a hunger to know the truth about Jesus.


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