A crazy coincidence just might be a step toward salvation!

A crazy coincidence just might be a step toward salvation!

All our Jews for Jesus staff are back from our Christ in the Passover tours. (Yay!) We are always hoping and praying to have meaningful spiritual conversations with Jewish people wherever we go, and this story tells of one of the more unusual answers to that prayer this Passover season.

Susan* is Jewish and has questions about Jesus. Since she doesn’t live near any Jews for Jesus branches, she contacted us via our Facebook page—and Arielle Randle has been exchanging messages with her from the West Coast ever since. They have also met via FaceTime. (Technology can be a bear, but it offers some great ways to meet with people from afar!)

When Arielle realized that her colleague Melissa was going to be touring in Susan’s area, she put them in touch with each other.

In a phone conversation, Susan told Melissa, “I guess I am just stuck on how can I still be Jewish and believe in Jesus.” The next day she and Melissa got together for coffee. Melissa opened the Bible and shared many Messianic prophecies with Susan—who said she believed Jesus probably was the Messiah. Then Susan mentioned that, eight years ago, she had walked into our New York branch and had a good conversation with a man named Stewart. “That’s my father!” Melissa told her.

Susan could not believe it, so Melissa took out her phone and FaceTimed her dad. After Melissa’s introductions, Stewart greeted Susan and suggested this would be an opportune time for her to come to faith in Jesus!

What are the chances?! Please pray for Susan and for the many other people who need to see that faith in Jesus does not take away our Jewish identity.

Timing is always in God’s hands, but we love being part of people’s journey to faith! Please like and share this story to rally prayer support for Susan in her search for truth.

* Names are changed to protect privacy


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