224 more Jewish people in Israel are curious about Jesus

224 more Jewish people in Israel are curious about Jesus

It was a six-day outreach to the people of Aravah, the long valley that stretches from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Eilat, between the Negev Plateau highlands and Israel’s border with Jordan.

237 people, (224 of whom are Jewish) gave their contact information to receive a book about how Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies from the Hebrew Bible.

Igal says, “One day, after many unsuccessful attempts to call people on the phone, I was a bit discouraged. I took a moment, prayed and asked the Lord to encourage me and provide even one person who would want to talk about Jesus. The phone rang. I answered it. It was Michael, a 54-year-old Orthodox Jewish man who explained how he had previously attended a Bible study at a Messianic congregation. Michael had been impressed by the love these Messianic Jews had for others.

“I explained how the message of Jesus is about love, which is why we’re filled with this love for others. I also quoted from Jeremiah 31:31, God’s promise of a new covenant for His people. I explained how this new covenant was fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). ‘If you want to experience this change in your heart,’ I told him, ‘then you need to receive Yeshua as the Messiah.’ Michael was willing but afraid of how his Orthodox family would react. I told him, ‘If God is with us, nobody is against us.’ So I encouraged him to pray and receive the Lord. ‘I will meet with you again next week,’ I said, ‘and we can study the Bible again together and learn how to face this fear.’ He prayed to receive the Lord. Hallelujah! He was happy and said that he felt relieved. I’m very excited to meet with him next week. Please pray for a fruitful meeting.”

Igal is a missionary with Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus team in Israel.

Sahar says: “I called and spoke with Shmuel, who is married with children. Shmuel was interested and asked a few questions as I shared with him about Yeshua. When I offered to send a free book that expounds on Yeshua’s fulfillment of the promises of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), Shmuel said that he wanted the book. He was uncertain about it though, because he wasn’t sure how his Orthodox wife would respond. ‘I think it’s great!’ I exclaimed. ‘You can read it together. She shouldn’t mind that you are reading prophecies from the Tanakh. Together you may see what it has to say about the Messiah.’ He agreed and gave us his contact info. I look forward to hearing what he has to say in the coming weeks.”

Ofer says, “After numerous unsuccessful attempts to speak with Jewish people on the phone, I finally heard a friendly voice. Avi sounded like a young man, but it turns out he is 59 years old, has five children and is married to a Christian woman. He was open to hearing about the Messiahship of Yeshua and said that he has read some material and seen some films on the topic. I recommended that he read the book, Y’shua: the Jewish Way to Say Jesus. He asked for a copy in Hebrew for himself and another in English for his wife. I prayed for him to have a fruitful time reading it. He said that he was looking forward to receiving the books and hearing from us in the near future.”

We’re thankful for the many ways that God answered prayer during this outreach. Please pray that all who asked to receive the book will be able to read it with an open heart, and that God’s perfect love will cast out any fear people may have about considering the truth of Jesus.


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