Shelley Skoropinski, 63, was raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Philadelphia. She grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and was bat mitzvah. Her father, Irvin Korotkin, passed away when Shelley was sixteen. Her older sister, Lana, read the New Testament and at age 21 came to believe in Jesus. Lana prayed for her family for two years to recognize Jesus as the Messiah, and they did—Shelley, then age nineteen, her younger sister, Terry, and their mom, Rita.

Shelly attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She worked with Jews for Jesus as an artist in the early 1970s and also traveled with its mobile music team, the Liberated Wailing Wall. She did the artwork for the team’s first album cover. She is now a self-employed fine artist in Washington state, where she has lived for the last 38 years.

Shelley’s thoughts on art:

My field of interest in art is very wide. Most of my work is done in watercolors. I love painting people, the emotion shown on their faces. I love both abstract and realism. I have gone through different phases in my craft. I paint both Jewish and secular themes. As a Jewish believer in Jesus, there are times Judaism will enter into my paintings and other times not, depending on what comes across my path and mind.

I am currently painting a scene of people in an outside cafe. I am intrigued by their expressions as they eat, talk and think during their meal.

I suppose you could say I do art for art’s sake. I have loved to paint, as far back as I can remember.

This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.


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