In this edition of ISSUES, we would like to offer a smorgasbord of material to help Jews who don’t believe in Jesus better understand evangelicals who do. What do evangelicals actually believe and how does it affect their life choices? What are the underpinnings of their political, moral and theological convictions? Are evangelicals really the best friends of Israel? How can evangelicals say Jews are both chosen by God, and going to hell without Jesus in the same breath? Do they think that “converting” our people will make Jesus come to earth sooner? What about all the different Christian denominations—what are their distinctives and where do evangelicals fit in?

It’s been estimated that more than 55 million Americans identify as evangelicals. We thought we’d use the pages of this publication to have a well-known evangelical (at least in evangelical circles) speak from his perspective. David Neff is the editor of Christianity Today, the leading U.S. magazine for evangelical Christians. Following is an article he wrote for Sh’ma magazine in response to a lead article by Rabbi Yehiel Poupko who posited the dilemma Jews find themselves in when it comes to evangelicals. —the Editor