Issues 14:10 My Father’s Secret

My Father’s Secret, My Story

A Jewish woman stumbles across a biblical discovery her father made before he passed on.

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I Remember
Author: Susan Perlman

Birth I remember sitting on daddy’s lap my pretty one” he used to say “give daddy a nice big kiss” I’d smile, put my chubby arms around his neck real tight then plant a big messy kiss on his rough cheek I remember the first day of school, boy was I scared we lined up […]

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Between Two Fathers

Between Two Fathers by Charles Barg, M.D. (Purple Pomegranate Productions, 2002) 180 pages, A father is always doing one or the other — giving life to his son or removing it — there are no in-betweens.” Dr. Charles Barg, Between Two Fathers Everyone in town looked up to Louis Barg. He presided over the boards […]

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