Issues 13:05 Past Oppression

Past Oppression, Present Excuse?
Author: Ruth Rosen

What can happen when we take our sufferings out of their historical context.

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Train of Life

The word whimsical” seems out of place when describing a story set against the backdrop of the Holocaust, yet the 1999 Paramount Classics film, “Train of Life” indeed is a whimsical treatment of a serious topic. In fact, there are many humorous scenes. The humor is not about Nazis or the Holocaust—but about life and […]

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Motke was not a very good Jew. It was not that he followed any other religion. No, Motke was altogether irreligious. His kishkes may have been Jewish, but somehow the rest of him never quite caught on. As soon as he was old enough to care for himself, he wandered away from Vaysechvoos and continued […]

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