Ezekiel the prophet lived 2,500 years ago. He predicted the destruction of the city of Tyre. It happened 17 years later. In chapter 26, he outlined the total destruction very specifically:

  • Nebuchadnezzar would destroy Tyre.
  • Many nations would come up against Tyre.
  • The site would be leveled and the debris thrown into the sea.
  • Fishermen would spread their nets there.
  • Tyre would never be rebuilt on that same site.

Nebuchadnezzar did destroy the city in 573 B.C., leaving just an island colony intact. Alexander the Great sought to conquer that island 240 years later. He put together a naval force from the nations he’d already conquered but couldn’t take the city by ship. Instead, he ordered his men to build a causeway from the mainland to the island. They built the causeway out of the debris from Nebuchadnezzar’s previous destruction of Tyre’s mainland. Then they swept this ancient site bare to bedrock, casting the rubble into the sea. To this day, fishermen spread their nets there. The city of Tyre that does exist in Lebanon today is not located on the ancient site.