Issues 10:10 Jesus: Miracle Worker or More?


Vaysechvoos had its good times and its bad times. It was not a prosperous town but neither was it poor. Most people accepted their fate. They knew that each would have his or her share of simcha and sorrow. And now was one of those seasons of sorrow. The clouds had been spattering on the […]

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Jesus of Nazareth: Miracle Worker or More?
Author: Laura Barron

A look at Jesus’ miracles and what they indicate about him.

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Uncertain about prayer, we turn to a higher power and, with language that is not ours, use pronouns like thee and thou, verbs like beseech and art as though, so far beyond our reach, God might depart if he didn’t hear such peculiar speech.

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The Substance of Regret

Some days it’s easier to listen than think. The brain gets rooted in its own pleasures, starts poaching in the Great Thing’s dream. I was born to be for ever at odds with my freedom. I try to choose things subtle and divine, but end up honoring the silly moon. My best dreams huddle like […]

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