Book Title: The Fingerprint of God
Author: Hugh Ross
Date Published: October 1991
Publisher: Promise Pub Co; 2nd edition
Genre: 1. Science & Religion
ISBN: 978-0939497188
Reviewer: Jews for Jesus

Evidence for a universe designed, initiated, shaped, and sustained exactly as the Bible describes, by God, continues to mount” concludes Dr. Hugh Ross in his book on cosmology and its theological implications, The Fingerprint of God.

Cosmology is a big word for a big subject in a big field of theology called apologetics. Apologetics deals with the reasons to believe. Reasons to Believe is also the name of a research and teaching organization founded by Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross, who received his Ph.D in astronomy from the University of Toronto and who served as a post-doctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology, tells us how the latest research gives strong indication that the God of the Bible is truly the Creator.

Anyone, scientist or non-technical reader, will be impressed with the wealth and balance of material from religious, philosophical and scientific sources.

The author traces the historical roots of studying the universe with choice reflections from Plato to Maimonides, from Kant to Einstein. He writes for the expert, but not without clarity for the non-scientist or non-theologian.

Chapter fifteen offers some practical reflections with a cosmologist’s understanding of the problem of evil and suffering. The next chapter, “The Gospel According to the Creation,” offers an excellent table of biblical statements on the universe and its significance.

This book is not merely a sound scientific study in astronomy, but offers a strong case for faith.