Issues 07:04 Don’t Ask!

Don’t Ask!
Author: Avi Snyder

He shook his head slowly, sadly. How could you do that?” he asked. “How could you believe in Jesus?” The man was staring at me with remorse and bewilderment. So I stopped handing out my literature for a moment, paused and said, “He’s the...

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On Jewish Believers
Topics: poetry
Author: Edith Nowak

How could you?” I gasped when I first learned of you. Whoever heard of Jesus for Jews? “How could you betray us with that hated name That brought to our people for centuries shame? That name so uplifted to cast us to Hell, To curse us and kill us, evict...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Stranger’s Scroll
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

In Vaysechvoos, simchas didn’t happen every day. There were too few weddings and too many funerals. Yet the townspeople found ways to make up for this by celebrations. One such occasion was approaching quickly, the bar mitzvah of Nahum. This would certainly be a...

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