Issues 06:07 Sukkot: Living Water

The Fall Feasts of Israel

The Fall Feasts of Israel by Mitch & Zhava Glaser, Moody Press: Chicago, 1987, 256pp. Purchase this book online. The Fall Feasts of Israel was primarily written as a resource book for the believer in Yeshua who is a serious student of the Bible. According to the Glasers, "the themes of the fall feasts are […]

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Original House
Author: Heidi Borton

Capstone and stumbling block, the house falls in your absence and the people cry, prayer-weary, out of the abundance of their blood for they have been their own sacrifice, they have wailed at their own execution and noon and sunrise have passed. Their power lies in ruins. You know their prolix hearts and watch from […]

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And I Saw
Author: Tina Durham

a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth passed away; and there is no longer any sea. Quiet will fill the earth on that day. The dream that pulls trees from the cliffs will cease. Every road will lead to one city; walkers will not lose themselves in […]

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The Stranger

The stranger walked with the limp of Malkah the Widow and he saw the world through the clouded eyes of Nahum, whose cataracts had kept him from seeing much of anything these past twelve years. The stranger had a scar on his arm where Yitzhak had been slashed by a Cossack in a drunken rage. […]

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