A cool canopy stretches the rim of the earth,
-from the four corners
drive the four winds of heaven;
like caravans laden with splendor of Kings
they bear perfume,
clouds of spice
and weave them with
the Night in Jerusalem.
The hot afternoon has flown, the dusk
settles slowly,
-dying shades of daylight
stain the Western Wall;
like the smoke of incense here
once bloomed climbing Jacob’s Ladder,
so the righteous
send up prayers
this Night in Jerusalem.
(so wakes the adder
so wakes the eagle.)
Peace beneath the sure eyes of the lion,
-tears of sorrow,
and of joy
still flow through your streets
forever mingled with the sweet wine
that drips from off the hills
warm and dark
like this Night in Jerusalem.
(so sleeps the adder,
so sleeps the eagle.)
oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem.