Issues 03:09 Dayenu at Yom Kippur

Dayenu at Yom Kippur
Author: Avi Snyder

Dayenu” on Yom Kippur? Whoever heard of such a thing! We sing, “Dayenu” at Passover, not on the Day of Atonement. But in one sense, Dayenu is appropriate on Yom Kippur. Dayenu is a Hebrew word which means, “It is sufficient for us; it is enough.” And on Pesach, we declare, “Dayenu!” in grateful response […]

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The Faith of the Second Generation
Author: Larry Rich

My parents were both Russian born Jews who emigrated to the United States during their teens. They met and were married in Chicago, and although both had been raised in Orthodox families, they spent the first twelve years of their married life in a fairly nonreligious lifestyle. But in 1937, four years before I was […]

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A Father’s Love: The Binding of Isaac

During the High Holiday season, the story of the binding of Isaac—known as the Akedah—is read in the synagogue service. This account, found in Genesis 22:1-18, is considered by many to be the pinnacle event of he Jewish faith, a perfect example of one man’s devotion to God. We agree, yet we affirm that this […]

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The New Rabbi

Something was happening in Vaysechvoos. The butcher was whispering about it to the baker. The baker was whispering about it to the egg man. And the egg man’s wife, Chava, was beside herself with excitement. A new rabbi! A young widower was coming to Vaysechvoos! And he would be staying with Chava and her husband […]

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