Book Title: The Late Great Planet Earth
Author: Hal Lindsey (Author), Carole C. Carlson (Contributor)
Date Published: May 23, 1970
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: 1. Prophecies
2. Prophecy
3. Bible Study
ISBN: 978-0310277712
Reviewer: Mitch Glaser

When is a prophet a prophet? Hal Lindsey says, The answer lies in the test of a true prophet which Moses gave — their prophecies must all come true. They (the prophets of Israel) could not be ignored. We cannot ignore them. They passed the test — summa cum laude.”

Lindsey unfolds a dramatic and penetrating view of the modern world through the words of Israel’s ancient prophets. First, he draws our attention to prophetic fulfillments which have now become history. He provides an overview of the milieu in which the events which surrounded the first coming of Yeshua took place. By comparing the prophetic promises in passages such as Isaiah 53 and Micah 5:2 with their New Testament fulfillments, Lindsey builds a powerful case for their startling accuracy. His clear explanations and vivid writing style simply add to the remarkable nature of these prophecies.

The author moves us ever forward to history’s climax. Lindsey is convinced that the “beginning of the end” occurred in 1948. He states: “The one event which many Bible students in the past overlooked was this paramount prophetic sign: Israel had to be a nation again in the land of its forefathers.” One receives the impression from Lindsey that the establishment of modern Israel is the single most important event of this millennium. No matter what position one takes on this issue, his amassing of prophetic and political data are impressive. Clearly, the restoration of Israel was significant to Israel’s prophets and 1948 is undoubtedly a unique moment in history.

The Late Great Planet Earth pushes us forward at a breathtaking pace. Lindsey carefully details the modern alignment of national powers as his explanations move naturally back and forth between the Scriptures and newspapers. He points out that Ezekiel predicted a Northern Confederation of powers with Russia at its helm (Ezekiel 38).

Many of Lindsey’s observations on the Arab world will leave you shocked; he points out the awesome accuracy of the words of men who lived 2,500 years before Nassar and Sadat. Though Lindsey’s claimed prophetic fulfillment in modern Red China and the European Common Market might cause some discomfort for any who fear to “put Scripture out on a limb,” the interpretations cannot merely be sloughed off as the “modern musings” of a doomsday prophet. The facts call for a serious and sober evaluation of modern political realities in light of astounding Biblical truths.

When exactly will Jesus the Messiah return to this earth? Don’t expect Hal Lindsey to give you a specific answer to this age-old question. He does tell us what to look forward to and though he doesn’t say when, his urgent pen spells out “soon!” Though written in 1970, Lindsey’s prophetic scenario concerning the rise of an anti-Christ is chilling, for today we can see the modern scene more ripe than ever before for the emergence of a world empire and its leader. The description of the Battle of Armageddon, which he labels World War III, will have you riveted to your chair, as Lindsey leads you through a chain of prophecies pointing to the Messiah’s second coming.

In The Late Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsey has compiled an ancient message for modern man. It is a message that cannot be ignored. For one day, end-time prophecies will become history. This book will undoubtedly help you decide where you fit in God’s prophetic plan for the ages.