Issues 03:05 Is Hanukkah a Minor Festival?

Hanukkah: Is It Really a Minor Festival?
Author: Susan Perlman

  Rock of Ages, let our song Praise Thy saving power; Thou amidst the raging foes wast our shelt’ring tower. Furious they assailed us, But shine arm availed us, And Thy word broke their sword When our own strength failed us. Maoz Tzur, Rock of Ages, is perhaps...

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Immanuel: God With Us
Author: Ruth Rosen

I have always enjoyed the tradition of giving and receiving presents at Christmas, although I must admit the reason why people do it has escaped me, if indeed it was ever within my grasp. But I do believe that Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection on this earth...

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Ner Tamid

The memories of one’s childhood combine to form a picture either sweeter or perhaps more bitter than what is warranted by the real experience. Yet, except for time-worn photographs, a parent’s dusty recollections, or maybe more luckily, a diary that was...

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The Glow

At Hanukkah time we crowded around our shiny gold menorah and sang songs which spoke of Judah Maccabee and his mighty army. The miracle of what God had done, the oil that lasted eight days when there was barely enough for one. I was small enough to warrant a place in...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Hankukkah Play
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

Hanukkah, the feast of dedication, was approaching and all the children of Vaysechvoos were excited. All, that is, but one. Heshie was upset. Very upset. All the children were rehearsing for the Hanukkah play that was to be presented in the synagogue. Yes, there would...

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