What will you be like when Messiah comes?
You, who have known no peace,
will you marvel at the silence where
no guns ring—
will you writhe beneath the yoke of
freedom you will bear—
will there be singing and laughing
as the prophets foretold—
Yes, Israel, you who have known war and
bondage will dance with laughter
when Messiah comes.

I see in you the cleansed hearts of people who
will walk in the path of God,
set free to claim their heritage once more—
this time, forever—
You will fear God as did Abraham,
And like Sarah, you will say yes, Lord.”
You will be radiant in your obedience, and
your hope will find its place of rest.

What will you be like when Messiah comes?
Once, you were chosen to be His wife,
but your sins turned His face from you—
in the Day to come you will honor
your Husband,
and again you’ll be faithful
to the Ancient of Days.
Your colors will be radiant, and your
streets paved with rainbow-colored
jewels, uncut by human hands
Shalom will visit you, fill you, and
anoint you with gladness eternal.

Your Masada will tumble, and palaces never
dreamed of by Solomon will stand in its place,
One greater than Moses will step on
Mt. Moriah, cracking wide its stones—
And the people will say “Surely, the Lord
reigns in Zion”

and they shall all know Him.

What will you be like when Messiah comes?
Your countenance will glow like fire—
Your lambs will be safe for even
the lion will be touched by His

But you will know the humbleness of
heart your fathers resisted and your
young men scorn
For in that day you will look upon
His pierced hands
and feet,
And you will mourn, yes, you will mourn—
As one mourns for an only-begotten Son.
And in Messiah you will find forgiveness,
peace untold by mortal man.
And this shall stand in that day,

When Messiah comes.