Sometimes I believe that LOVE is a poem or a song.
Sometimes I think that LOVE is a physical experience.
Occasionally I feel that LOVE is an eco-socio-psycho-ethno-arrangement.
But most days I don’t really believe there’s actually such a thing as LOVE.

Sometimes I believe that GOD is a bird or a flower.
Sometimes I think that God is a good vibration.
Occasionally I feel that GOD is a cosmic intelligence or a talented sculptor or amateur sociologist.

But mostly I dont believe in God.

Sometimes I believe that I am an electrical particle of matter that is charged through with potential and kinetic energy.
Sometimes I think that I am a character in a universal nightmare.
Occasionally I feel that I am a deep multi-layered puzzle package that is constantly in the process of being opened.
But mostly I don’t feel like anything special.

Sometimes I believe that REALITY is the question nobody is really asking.
Sometimes I think that REALITY is the collection of our most painful experiences.
Occasionally I feel that REALITY is what I can see with my eyes and touch with my hand.
But really, I dont have the slightest idea what REALITY is.

WE THINK THAT REALITY IS TIED UP IN JESUS. We also believe that GOD wants us all to understand the TRUTHS of LIFE…before SIN dulled our minds and hearts. HE wants us to know that because of JESUS’ death, we can have REAL LIFE. THAT BECAUSE JESUS DID NOT STAY DEAD BUT ROSE AGAIN, WE CAN KNOW THE LIVING GOD AND WORSHIP HIM—IN PERFECT FAITH.