Issues 01:02 Can the Torah be Broken?

The Torah: God’s Indestructible Book: But It Can Be Broken

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the original Torah of God in his hands, he found out that his people had broken one of its commandments. For the Torah he held in his hands said, Thou shalt not make unto thee…any manner of likeness, of any thing that is…in the earth…Thou shalt not […]

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Break Tradition and Save Life

During the terrible 1848 plague in Vilna, Rabbi Israel organized 60 young scholars to help the stricken in every possible way. He instructed them to do whatever was necessary, on the Sabbath too, since the saving of life supersedes even the Sabbath. Rabbi Israel’s disciples carried out their rabbi’s instructions, and chopped wood, made fire […]

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Varied Jewish Thoughts on Torah

When Moses was on high, he found the Holy One decorating the Torah’s letters with coronets. He asked the meaning of this, and the Holy One said, After many generations, a man by the name of Akiba will expound heaps and heaps of laws on each of these tittles.” Moses went and sat down behind […]

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Torah, the Best Merchandise

Once upon a time a ship carrying merchants and merchandise sailed over the sea, and among the passengers was a great scholar. The merchants began to converse about the wares which they carried with them, and what they intended to buy. Finally they asked the scholar what merchandise he had, and he answered: I carry […]

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When the Messiah Comes…
Author: Barry Rubin

  Oftentimes, Jews who come to believe in Jesus are told by their unbelieving families, “If you’d only known more about Judaism, if you’d only studied your own religion, you never would have come to believe this way.” My parents never said that to me because, before I accepted Christ, I went to see an […]

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Shoemaker’s Son
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In the shtetl of Vaysechvoos, Jewish boys are like Jewish boys everywhere. They start their education with a taste of honey from the pages of Chumash (pentateuch) when they are four years sole. By the time they are either, they are already studying Gemara (rabbinical commentary). Nine-year-old Yonkel protested to his father. He pointed out […]

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