Havurah Volume 17 Number 01

Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation: Does Politics Trump Unity?
Author: Aaron Trank

Several issues ago in Havurah we addressed the topic of unity within the Messianic movement, namely reconciliation between Jewish believers in Jesus who are pursuing God in various ways from different corners of the Messianic community. The pursuit of Messianic unity and reconciliation resonates with our hearts and brings to mind the Jewish folk song…

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Havurah Round Table

Havurah posed the following urgent questions to four individuals—three Jewish, one (Galen Peterson) gentile. All four have been involved in dialoguing with those whose positions on crucial issues sometimes differ greatly from their own, especially regarding Israel and the Middle East. Here are the questions; Havurah welcomes your feedback on their responses (havurah@jewsforjesus.org or facebook.com/HavurahMag)….

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Review: Through My Enemy’s Eyes
Author: Josh Cohen

As its title suggests, Through My Enemy’s Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine, promotes empathy as the virtue necessary for peace. Called to love their enemy by their Messiah, Israeli Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians are best suited to this task. The authors, Salim J. Munayer and Lisa Loden, a Palestinian Christian and an Israeli Messianic…

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Bulletin Board

Reconcile Yourself to These! Camp Gilgal Wonderful Winter Weekend. It’s like summer camp without the mosquitoes! Southern California, Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2014 Northern California, Feb. 14–16, 2014 And now’s the time to consider: New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign, June 29–July 26, 2014 Massah, June 8–August 13, 2014 World Cup Outreach in Brazil, June 13–July…

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