Havurah Volume 15 Number 01

Jewish Believers, Muslims, and the Gospel
Author: Rich Robinson

A Changing World “We can speak of a Muslim people,” said P. J.,[1] a Jewish believer, mother of two and missionary to the Muslims of North Africa. What she meant was that the religion of Islam encompasses many peoples who all feel caught up in a common...

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When Cultures Meet

Havurah interviews a Messianic Jewish/Muslim Background Believer Couple Havurah: Can you tell us how you came to faith in Yeshua? Basrah: I was born into a Muslim family, but came to believe in Yeshua through a process in which God used several things. The first was...

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Voices from the Field

Two Jewish missionaries to Muslims Martin Goldsmith Martin Goldsmith was born into a middle-class Jewish home in the UK. He showed a propensity for foreign languages and became a Russian interpreter with the Royal Navy. Through the Student Union movements, Martin came...

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Review of Free Men

2011, France; directed by Ismaƫl Ferroukhi. 99 minutes. In French with English subtitles. Free Men, an official selection of the Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festivals, is based on the true story of the Paris Mosque, which hid Jews in occupied France...

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Life from the Dead
Author: Avi Snyder

There are a number of cities throughout Europe that need to hear the gospel from Jewish lips specifically because of what happened to us there. Three of these cities are Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest. Maybe you can already see the historical thread that connects these...

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Bulletin Board

Find your commonalities with these: The Asheville Music Festival: “A Messianic Jewish music festival with new expressions and styles from emerging artists connected with the Messianic Jewish community in Israel and the Diaspora.” August 9-11, 2012 in...

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