Havurah Volume 11 Number 04

Through My Lens: Reflections of a Missionary Provocateur by Greg Schneider

For one reason or another, God seems to have gifted Jewish people disproportionately. If you look down a list of leading artists, musicians, or comedians, there is a much higher percentage of Jewish people than our numbers in the general population would lead you to...

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my father’s gift
Author: Amer Olson

I was sitting on the floor, carefully scrutinizing a selfportrait by Rembrandt. There was something in his handling of chiaroscuro, the way his features emerged from the dark umber shadows into brilliant light and color. There was something too in his confident...

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Portfolio of Iris Adler

(see article “Yeshua, Eve and the deep: Not Just Window Dressing”) Yeshua Shalom   Yeshua Shalom If you rotate some of the letters, you can see the Hebrew words Yeshua (right column) and shalom (left column). Window displays for the Jews for Jesus office...

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Art by Amer Olson
Topics: art
Author: Amer Olson

Mike Lynch”, oil on linen   “Freya”, charcoal on paper “Pears”, oil on linen “Carl”, oil on panel “Old Friends”, oil on panel “Stella”, oil on linen “Tea and Fortunes”, oil on linen...

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Art With A Mission

In the beginning, God created a breathtakingly beautiful universe. And then God created men and women with eyes, minds, and souls to appreciate his creation and to be inspired by it. He made them not only with an eye to behold his beauty, but to dream, imagine and...

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Yeshua, Eve & The Deep: not just window dressing
Author: Iris Adler

White foam core. Eight-inch high panels. At ninety-degree angles to one another. You will completely cover each panel with a photograph. Your combined photographs will create a cohesive environment. I look forward to seeing your final project. Drafting project two...

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