Havurah Volume 10 Number 03

A Messianic Jewish Approach to the Middle East Conflict

The signs said, Stop Zionist slaughter of Palestinians.” Sure, I’d seen signs like those before. But in the hands of ultra-Orthodox Jews? Yet there they were—dozens of them— shoulder to shoulder in their black coats, alongside others holding Palestinian flags in front of the Israeli embassy. More signs read, “Judaism rejects Zionism and the state…

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An Arab Christian Perspective

Abdu Murray is not only an Arab for Jesus; he is a former Muslim for Jesus. Aaron Abramson interviewed this brother to see how he deals with tensions and struggles similar to the ones we face over loyalty, conflicts, and maintaining a godly perspective concerning the Middle East. Aaron: Tell us a little bit about…

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Recommended Reading

Please note: Included in this list are books we strongly disagree with; the recommendation to read them is so that we might have an intelligent response. Burge, Gary,Whose Land? Whose Promise?: What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians,Carlisle, Paternoster: 2003 Critical of Israel, this book is Burge’s personal exploration of his…

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Case in Point: Jews and Arabs Join to Make Jesus Known
Author: Ruth Rosen

Peter and Yarden Nasser met at a festival in Akko (in the Western Galilee region of Northern Israel). Unlike most of the participants, they went to celebrate Y’shua and to tell festival-goers about Him. In the course of evangelizing, Yarden, a Jewish believer, asked Peter, an Arab believer, to translate something to help her witness….

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