Havurah Volume 10 Number 03

A Messianic Jewish Approach to the Middle East Conflict

The signs said, Stop Zionist slaughter of Palestinians.” Sure, I’d seen signs like those before. But in the hands of ultra-Orthodox Jews? Yet there they were—dozens of them— shoulder to shoulder in their black coats, alongside others holding Palestinian...

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An Arab Christian Perspective

Abdu Murray is not only an Arab for Jesus; he is a former Muslim for Jesus. Aaron Abramson interviewed this brother to see how he deals with tensions and struggles similar to the ones we face over loyalty, conflicts, and maintaining a godly perspective concerning the...

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Recommended Reading

Please note: Included in this list are books we strongly disagree with; the recommendation to read them is so that we might have an intelligent response. Burge, Gary,Whose Land? Whose Promise?: What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the...

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Case in Point: Jews and Arabs Join to Make Jesus Known
Author: Ruth Rosen

Peter and Yarden Nasser met at a festival in Akko (in the Western Galilee region of Northern Israel). Unlike most of the participants, they went to celebrate Y’shua and to tell festival-goers about Him. In the course of evangelizing, Yarden, a Jewish believer, asked...

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