Havurah Volume 09 Number 01

Running Away

I was camped with my paratrooper unit in the desert surrounding the Dead Sea when I recognized the name Joshua Friedberg on the front page of an Israeli newspaper. Ne’dar, missing. Before I had time to process what was happening, I was on a bus heading back to...

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Talking with Tass: A Palestinian who Loves the Jewish People

  As we reflect on the issue of reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian believers, we thought you might appreciate reading a bit from Tass Abu Sadr, a Palestinian who was raised as a Muslim and has been a believer in Jesus since 1993. Tass spent many years as a...

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Salat Hatzilim
Topics: recipes

Salat Hatzilim Talking about the Middle East always reminds us of some of the wonderful dishes we’ve had there. Try this recipe for Salat Hatzilim – Israeli Eggplant Dip with a Bite, from Melissa Moskowitz. Ingredients: 2 large eggplants (about 4 pounds...

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Resources to Consider: Why Care About Israel by Sandra Teplinsky and Arabs in the Shadow of Israel by Tony Maalouf
Author: Ruth Rosen

Book Title: Why Care About Israel Arabs in the Shadow of Israel Author: Sandra Teplinsky Tony Maalouf Date Published: June 1, 2004 November 10, 2003 Publisher: Chosen Books Kregel Academic & Professional Genre: 1. Pentecostal & Charismatic2. Judaism3....

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Bulletin Board

E-cards Please remember that you can post a comment about any of the articles in Havurah,” by going to: http://www.jewsforjesus.org/publications/havurah Click on the article of your choice and look to the right where you can click on “comments.” It...

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