Havurah Volume 05 Number 02

Two Walls
Topics: poetry

In his hands, he folds the note, Smaller and smaller The words he’d found so hard to write The question he’d found so hard to ask His feet move slowly Towards the stones touched by holy men Black coats, black hats, gray beards these begin to fill his eyes. Ardent swaying, lips giving shape to…

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Encounters with Peace in a Land of Strife
Author: Stephen Katz

The media claim that eight recent terror attacks in the heart of downtown Jerusalem have reduced a bustling economic zone to an economic no-man’s land. On a recent trip to Israel I found a very subdued atmosphere that seemed to confirm that claim. Even Tel Aviv—normally bustling with parties and nightlife on Saturday after sundown—seemed…

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Spying out the Land through Project Joshua

Jews for Jesus wanted to put together a good program that could train Jewish believing college students in evangelism as well as encourage them in their Jewish identity in Yeshua. What better place to do that than in Israel? When we first announced Project Joshua, a two-week study and evangelism trip to Israel, the situation…

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