Havurah Volume 03 Number 02

What in Yeshua’s Name Is Happening to the Ethiopian Jews?
Author: Lev Leigh

Between 1984 and 1985, a covert series of airlifts known as Operation Moses” transported more than 12,000 Ethiopian Jews from neighboring Sudan to the State of Israel.1 In 1989, diplomatic relations were restored between Jerusalem and Addis Ababa and, “At...

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  From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia My worshipers, the daughter of My dispersed ones, shall bring My offering” Zephaniah 3:10 It is best to have no expectations when visiting Ethiopia and it is vital to arrive there with a very open mind. Ethiopia is a...

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I Am a Jewish Believer, from Ethiopia

Oh, you really are Jewish! But you are a little dark,” the young woman said. I was wearing a Jews for Jesus T-shirt and distributing broadsides while speaking to a woman on the streets of New York. I answered, “I’m from Ethiopia.” And she...

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Persecution of Ethiopian Believers in Israel

The Ethiopian messianic community in Israel developed as a result of Operation Solomon, beginning in 1990. Included in the earliest immigrations to Israel were some of the Jewish believers, pastors and elders from Ethiopia. Once settled in the Land, they organized...

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